One Project Per Month

My name is Eduardo Borges. I'm a digital nomad who's been making money online since 1999.In 2021 I decided to stop pursuing profit and focused on building cool stuff just for fun.This site will keep track of all the projects I've been building. Maybe one is useful to you too?


How It Started And Which Criteria I Use

  • First project was launched on Oct 2022.

  • End goal is knowledge.

  • Don't have to be profitable, but must be fun.

  • I consider how hard is to promote it, profitability, equity potential, complexity to build and enjoyment.

  • 30 days to launch, should work passively after.

  • No outsourcing or employees. Only Google and AI.

  • I build it all by myself. In public.

#1 - Flipperspy

All Digital Assets for Sale in a Single App

Category: Mobile App
Niche: Investments
Monetization: Freemium

Flipperspy aggregate all deals listed on Flippa, Empire Flippers, Microacquire, Microns and FE International.The app available on App Store and Google Play makes it easier for you to buy an online business like SaaS, Content Sites, Plugins, E-Commerces, Social Media and others.

#2 - One More AI (1+AI)

AI-Stock Images

Category: Mobile App
Niche: Artificial Intelligence
Monetization: Free

One More AI (1+AI) helps you finding AI-generated images with free usage license.The app list images created by different Artificial Intelligence models and publicly available in stock photos sites. Download to your phone free.

#3 - Datr AI

AI Dating Assistant

Category: Mobile App
Niche: Dating
Monetization: Freemium

Datr is an AI-CRM for your dating life.It not only helps you organize your dating "leads", but also generate unique messages using AI.No more wasting time trying to be creative or fun.


I'm Building All Projects In Public

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Currently building from Bangkok, Thailand.